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About TruckSmart CDL Academy

Hello everyone my name is Abdul Rahman the founder of TruckSmart CDL Academy. Your one-stop Academy for all of your commercial driver's license needs. I have a huge passion for Teaching and Training.

It started in high school as a Math an English tutor. Fast forward couple of decades, 22 + plus years of experience in the Supply-Chain and Logistics industry of various roles including Trucking and Training, we’ve put together the most comprehensive, step-by-step easy to understand processes that would ENABLE you NOT only to obtain your commercial driver's license, but also make you one of safest and most competent drivers on the road.

We pride ourselves to be highly effective & highly efficient by simply doing the right things the right way.

So please visit with us, take a tour and experience yourself first-hand!

Looking forward seeing you.

Please visit our website at trucksmartcdlacademy.com, take a virtual tour by clicking “tour and train”, and let's help you in obtaining your dream of attaining your CDL.

Why Choose TruckSmart CDL Academy?

Unlike other commercialized schools where you are just a number in the digits and wait for your 15 minutes of hands-on skills training among six to eight students at a time, TruckSmart CDL Academy will personalize your learning style and put you one-on-one with a trainer for hands-on maneuvering skills on each training session till mastery level.

Through years of training and decades in the supply chain and logistics industry, and realizing the disconnect between the new CDL drivers and employer expectations, the owner decided to establish TruckSmart CDL Academy and eliminate the gap by helping next generation truckers to be the most successful in their new roles. For that reason, we've put together the most relevant, practical and most essential aspects of the CDL – Commercial Driver License training process not only for your license, but also instilling safe driving habits in our students.

Our goal is to focus and master ALL and ANY of the must-know skills for new drivers, and eliminate add-on cost, thus saving dollars in your pockets while complying with all the regulatory and safety requirements with no shortcuts. In fact, our students take the CDL the test at the local DPS – Department of Public Safety upon fully preparing for the test for a fairly reasonable price - nearly half of what other schools charge.

Our passing rate of 99% speaks for itself. Just don’t take our word for it. Simply book a visit with us and take a tour of our training facility and hup in one of our trucks and do tryouts with one of our trainers at no cost to you!!!


TruckSmart CDL Academy is committed to simplifying & revolutionizing the CDL- Commercial Driver's license learning process in the most effective and the most efficient way possible by providing a personalized state of the art Commercial Driver training and building a strong foundation based on safety, knowledge, and skills between new drivers and trucking industry expectations.

Come visit our training facility for a 30 minutes tour!

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